Harvest Herbal Tea


The people of Himalaya and Hindukush live for about 100 to 120 years on average. The reason for logitivity is this Herbal tea. Made with these herbs called “tumuro”.

Benefits of this herbal tea are:
– Reduction of excess fat
– Moisturising the skin from inside the body
– Reduce allergic skin condition
– Keeping appropriate body weight
– Prevent sensitivity of cold
– Relief of edema, reduce constipation
– Relaxation and release sleeping properties
– Keeping appropriate blood pressure.

How to make a cup of Herbal tea :
Put about 1 and a half cup of water in a pot. Boil once and then add
1/4 of Himalayan herbal tea sachet in it . After 1 minute keep low heat for 2 to 3 minutes.
Don’t over cook it, the taste of this herb will be destroyed along with its nutrients too when overcooked. Less quantity will make it tasteless. More quantity of these herbs can be added to make it stronger and enhance its taste.
In order to enhance the effectiveness of the tea, we recommend intake as hot tea, or at least warmer than body temperature.
**Using purified water, spring water, or any similar grade water is recommendable.
NOTE: One sachet can make upto 4 cups according to you taste.

Note: Herbal tea is not suitable for pregnant women.


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